Hey! My name is ivy Harris & I'm a Graphic Designer
I've been designing all types of art since I was a child. It's been my passion for as long as I can remember. I started sketching and using watercolors but, from there I expanded my curiosity in the arts to  charcoals, oils, pastry, instruments and eventually computers. I didn't realize people could actually make a living doing what was  a hobby or fun until after graduating college and entering the real world. I struggled to find a career and just turned to my designs to keep my self at ease. 
Suddenly, people grew interested in my work and started asking for advice. I felt deep inside something magical happening and knew that somehow I needed to continue my passion and try to make something out of it. 

I started doing little jobs and helping others for free. I wanted to get my name out there in the world. I wanted to grow a portfolio. I wanted others to see my work and know I existed as an artist. It was important for myself to just do whatever came my way and keep my drive going.
Soon after, I found myself knee high with projects of all sorts. It did take time yes- but, it did eventually happen. My drive was unreal and unlike any before! I was on fire and unstoppable. So much creative magic inside waiting to burst out into the next project, which was fine with me. It was amazing and I was inspiring others, something that was my goal and passion. I felt blessed to be able to share what I loved so much with others and impact so many with my ideas.

I was lucky to snag myself a feature in Richmond Bride magazine for my pastry art. I created a one of a kind 3 tier masterpiece cake- that was just the icing on my designs... ​

From that article on I was featured again in Richmond Bride but this time for my creative writing and designing of invitations. NBC12 even caught onto my spotlight and featured me in a story on the nightly local news. A dream of creating art was now starting to become my career. 

Shortly after that, I was once again featured in various magazines such as the Knot Weddings and Nonpariel. I even was given the opportunity to design for some amazing companies in the Bahamas for their local team in the Olympics of 2012. 

With so much going on I relocated to sunny Florida to get serious in my designs in a larger city. I dedicated myself to small local businesses and helped establish their brand as well as larger scale companies. 

In 2014 I learned I had a chronic illness and had to slow down my designing. It wasn't permanent. I just needed time to focus on healing. In 2015 I learned I had cancer and needed surgery to remove it. Putting my dreams on hold to fight this battle I did. 

Currently today I am back at my dream- designing as a free lance graphic designer. Never give up and always inspire is my motto.